Yes, you read that right. 
Mail us your used collar in exchange for a 10% coupon on your next web order and we will donate your old collar to Best Friends Society Los Angeles. we want to support their costly work efforts as much as possible.
NOTE: We only sell dog collars at this time but we can also take cat collars for a coupon however keep in mind that the coupon is good for 1 month so on current merchandise. 


Requirements to qualify:

1) One coupon per customer. If you send us 5 used collars, you would still receive one 10% coupon. If you want to send them anyway, we are happy to donate them all for you!

2) Your used collar MUST be wearable and not severely chewed, torn, etc. Please understand that shelter dogs will be using it so it must arrive in wearable condition.

3) While not a requirement, we strongly suggest using a trackable shipping service. If we do not receive your collar, we cannot give a coupon.

Mail your collar to:
Sweet Beest

1234 XXXX St
Burbank, CA 91506

Include inside your package:

  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Your coupon will be emailed however if there is a problem or typo, we need another way to send it. We promise to not use your contact info or sell it to anyone. When I say, "I hate that too", I am 100% serious about it.